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Rebel Alliance Star Wars Crochet Pattern

Get ready to join the fight against the dark side with this Rebel Alliance Star Wars crochet pattern.

Star Wars Crochet Pattens C2C Blanket
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“Remember...the Force will be with you, always.” - Obi-Wan Kenobi / A New Hope

Attention all Star Wars fans and crochet enthusiasts! If you're looking for a new and exciting project to take on, why not combine your love for the iconic science fiction franchise with crocheting? When I saw this Star Wars C2C crochet pattern, I knew I had to tackle it. And I am so glad I did. I love it!!!

With this Star Wars crochet pattern, you can create a cozy and eye-catching blanket that showcases the Rebel Alliance symbol. It is the perfect size for a lap blanket. Or simply use it to add some Star Wars flare to your home décor.

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Princess Leia Womens Hoth Sneakers

As I was working on this Star Wars crochet pattern, my husband decided he wanted a blanket that features the Galactic Empire symbol. Of course, I was unable to find a Star Wars C2C pattern with the symbol. So, I am now working on a pattern that will be the same size as the Rebel Alliance blanket. If it all works out and looks good, I will be offering it as a free Star Wars crochet pattern.

If you are new to the C2C crochet technique, I think this would be a great pattern to start with. It only uses two colors. And it slowly introduces you to color changes, so they do not get overwhelming.

Rebel Alliance Star Wars C2C Crochet Patterns

What is C2C Crochet?

Corner-to-corner (C2C) crochet is a popular technique used to create diagonal patterns that resemble a series of small "tiles". This technique involves working in diagonal rows, starting at one corner of your project and building toward the opposite corner.

Each row is made up of small "tiles" or blocks, which are worked in a particular stitch pattern and then joined to the previous row. The result is a textured and visually interesting fabric that can be used to make a variety of projects, such as blankets, scarves, and even garments. C2C crochet is a versatile and fun technique that is popular with crocheters of all skill levels.

How to C2C Crochet for Beginners

To complete the Star Wars crochet pattern, previous C2C crochet knowledge does come in handy. But it is not necessary. I was able to get started quickly and learned a lot by watching the video from Lovable Loops. She even gives you a free C2C crochet pattern of a dog you can try first.

Crochet Corner to Corner (c2c) Dog Emoji Graph Tutorial

Rebel Alliance Star Wars Crochet Pattern Details

If you have followed along with my blog, you know I am not a great crocheter, but I do try. I always go full force at anything I do. I had never tried working on a C2C crochet pattern before, but what was to stop me now?

To tell you the truth, I did not think the Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol would actually look like the symbol once I was done. If you have ever seen those Pinterest fails, that is how I roll. But like I said, I still try. And this blanket turned out perfectly.

To complete, the pattern calls for:

  • Worsted Yarn (white)

  • Worsted Yarn (gray)

  • Size H-I crochet hook

  • Stitch markers

  • Yarn bobbins (optional)

o I mostly used handmade yarn bobbins, but finally broke down and purchased Yarnology Yarn Bobbins.

  • Yarn needle

  • Scissors

For some reason, I ended up with 2 extra skeins of gray and ran short on white. I’m not sure if this was my fault or a miscalculation on the designer’s part. But it doesn’t matter. I’m going to put that extra yarn to use on the Galactic Empire free Star Wars crochet pattern.

Completed, my blanket measured about 36” x 41” with the border. The designer states that the blanket will measure close to 40” x 50” without the border. What can I say, I am a tight crocheter.

Star Wars Crochet Patterns C2C Blanket

Starting the Rebel Alliance C2C crochet pattern was pretty simple.

Star Wars Crochet Patterns C2C Blanket

Then I got to the color change. It was fairly straight forward and easy to understand.

Star Wars Crochet Patterns C2C Blanket

Then the Star Wars crochet pattern got a little more complicated. But it was still fairly simple.

Star Wars Crochet Patterns C2C Blanket

I finished the base of Rebel Alliance crochet pattern. Now it was time to add the border. You do not have to add one if you do not want. But I thought it would look better with one.

Star Wars Crochet Patterns C2C Blanket

I used the Moss / Linen Stitch Border. I followed along with this tutorial from Blossom Crochet.

The Star Wars crochet pattern I completed was for a throw blanket. The designer also offers a baby blanket size. You can order the C2C crochet patterns on their own or get both sizes in a bundle.

Learn How to Crochet with a Woobles Kit

Do you want to make this awesome blanket, but do not know how to crochet? Do what I did, I learned how to crochet using a beginner-friendly crochet kit from the Woobles.

If you are new to crocheting, these kits will teach you how to hold your crochet hook and yarn. You will also learn how to read crochet patterns. And in the process, you will make your first amigurumi stuffed animal.

I learned with their Penguin Crochet Kit. I looked at it for so long. Each time I tried to talk myself out of it. I can’t do it. There’s no way I will learn how to crochet from a kit. Blah Blah Blah. If you are negative, like me, you understand.

Do not wait. I seriously was able to sit down and learn how to crochet using this amazing kit. It teaches you everything from holding the yard, how to hold a crochet hook, and reading crochet patterns. Included with the kit is a link to the most helpful how-to crochet videos I have ever seen.

Click on the picture below to learn more about these amazing kits.

More Star Wars Crochet Patterns

Are you looking for even more Star Wars crochet patterns? You can find them HERE. There are paid patterns as well as free Star Wars crochet patterns. You can find everything from dolls to blankets, pillows, and more.

Doctor Who Crochet Patterns

Creating this Star Wars themed corner-to-corner (C2C) crochet blanket was a lot of fun. So much so, I am now working on a free Star Wars crochet pattern that will match well with this pattern.

By following the written steps along with the graph, you can easily create your own Star Wars C2C crochet blanket too. Whether you're a fan of the Light Side or the Dark Side, a Star Wars C2C crochet blanket is the perfect way to show off your fandom.

Grab your crochet supplies and have fun working on this Star Wars crochet pattern. And don’t forget to check back for the free Star Wars crochet pattern that I will be releasing shortly.


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