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About Me

In days past, many people hid their geekiness. As for me, I never have. I honestly did not care who liked me and who did not. And I still do not. I was always fascinated by cartoons, toys and crafts. And today my home is an eclectic mixture of antique and geek. 

In the world we live in today, being geeky is embraced. People are no longer embarrassed, they are cool. There are TV shows, clubs and conventions. You can now share your passion with others and be the proud geek you always have been.

Being locked up in my home due to the coronavirus has made me want to be more creative. My hobbies have been put to the side for too long, and it is now time I brought them back front and center. And I want to share my passions with you.

Life is too short to be plain and boring. Love your hobbies, your collections and yourself.

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