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Smiley Face Free C2C Crochet Pattern

Get ready to brighten up your space with my Smiley Face free crochet C2C pattern.

Smiley Face Crochet Patterns Free
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“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss

Are you ready to work on a fun crochet project? I have a special free corner to corner crochet pattern for you. With this corner-to-corner crochet pattern, you can create an adorable Smiley Face pillow cover. It is a fairly simple pattern for anyone familiar with the C2C crochet technique.

I have a friend who really likes Smiley Faces. So, of course, I had a new idea in my head. I tried to find a pattern to make, but none of them were what I was looking for. So, I took out my graph paper and a pencil and came up with this Smiley Face graphgan pattern. I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Now, I'm happy to share the free C2C Smiley Face crochet pattern with all of you!

What is C2C Crochet?

Corner-to-corner (C2C) crochet is a popular technique used to create diagonal patterns that resemble a series of small tiles. This technique involves working in diagonal rows, starting at one corner of your project and building toward the opposite corner.

Each row is made up of small tiles or blocks, which are worked in a particular stitch pattern and then joined to the previous row. The result is a textured and visually interesting fabric that can be used to make a variety of projects, such as blankets, scarves, and even garments. C2C crochet is a versatile and fun technique that is popular with crocheters of all skill levels.

How to C2C Crochet for Beginners

To complete the Happy Smiling Face Emoji crochet pattern, previous C2C crochet knowledge does come in handy. But it is not necessary. I was able to get started quickly and learned a lot by watching the video from Lovable Loops. She even gives you a free C2C crochet pattern of a dog you can try first.

Crochet Corner to Corner (c2c) Dog Emoji Graph Tutorial

Learn How to Crochet

Do you want to make this adorable pillow cover, but do not know how to crochet? Do what I did, I learned how to crochet using a beginner-friendly crochet kit from the Woobles. Once you learn how, you can complete this free C2C pattern and show it off to all your friends.

If you are new to crocheting, these kits will teach you how to hold your crochet hook and yarn. You will also learn how to read crochet patterns. And in the process, you will make your first amigurumi stuffed animal.

Pierre the Penguin Crochet Kit by the Woobles

I learned with their Penguin Crochet Kit. I looked at it for so long. Each time, I tried to talk myself out of it. I can’t do it. There’s no way I will learn how to crochet from a kit. Blah Blah Blah. If you are negative, like me, you understand.

Do not wait. I was seriously able to sit down and learn how to crochet using this amazing kit. It teaches you everything from holding the yard, how to hold a crochet hook, and reading crochet patterns. Included with the kit is a link to the most helpful how-to crochet videos I have ever seen.

Click on the picture below to learn more about these amazing kits.

Smiley Face Crochet Patterns Free

Smiling Face Emoji C2C Crochet Pattern Free

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Smiling Face Emoji C2C Throw Pillow Cover

Pattern Rights

Unauthorized selling, redistribution, or use of any parts of the pattern and its components, as well as utilizing my photos to promote your own work, is strictly prohibited. However, you are encouraged to sell any completed pieces made from my pattern. In doing so, kindly acknowledge me as the pattern designer and provide a link back to Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I have made this C2C Smiley Face crochet pattern free, so everyone can enjoy it. Please do not take advantage of others and ruin the fun.

I love being able to share my patterns with all of you. This Smiling Face Crochet Pattern is offered for free. If you find it useful and wish to contribute, donations are accepted. Your support is genuinely appreciated. Thank you!

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Smiley Face Free C2C Crochet Pattern Notes

This free Smiley Face crochet pattern is worked using the Corner to Corner (C2C) technique. I have included a printable graph along with written instructions.

• Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

• Gauge: I am a very tight crocheter. Luckily, the gauge is not very important for this free Smiling Face crochet C2C pattern. My C2C blankets end up being about 6x6 blocks per 4 inches. I think most crocheters get 5x5 blocks per 4 inches.

• Dimensions: ***Please see gauge notes.*** My C2C pillow cover fits a 12” pillow form.

To complete, you will need:

  • Worsted Yarn (white)

  • Worsted Yarn (yellow)

  • Worsted Yarn (black)

  • Size H-I Crochet Hook

o I used Boye Crochet Hook G - 4.25mm (to SC edges together)

  • Stitch Markers

  • Yarn Bobbins (optional)

o I mostly used handmade yarn bobbins, but finally broke down and purchased Yarnology Yarn Bobbins.

  • Yarn Needle

  • Scissors

Happy Smiling Face Emoji C2C

Pillow Cover

Free Smiley Face Pillow Crochet C2C Pattern

I have written the following instructions based on the way I learned how to follow C2C crochet patterns. I start at the bottom right-hand corner, and my first block is worked down. I know this is different than what some other people have learned.

I have added an arrow on the Smiley Face free C2C graphgan pattern showing you which direction to work in using the written instructions. If you follow graphgan patterns in a different direction, feel free to work directly from the graph, or work the rows backward.

Galactic Empire Free Crochet C2C Pattern
free c2c graphgan Smiley Face Crochet Patterns Free

Happy Smiling Face Pillow Cover Free C2C Crochet Pattern
Download PDF • 5.25MB

I have quadruple checked that I wrote these instructions down correctly. That surely doesn't mean that I didn't make a mistake. If you find one, please let me know.

B=Black / W=White Yarn / Y=Yellow Yarn

1. 1W

2. 2W

3. 3W

4. 4W

5. 5W

6. 6W

7. 7W

8. 8W

9. 9W

10. 10W

11. 11W

12. 12W

13. 13W

14. 14W

15. 15W

16. 16W

17. 17W

18. 18W

19. 19W

20. 20W

21. 21W

Block 21 was the bottom left-hand corner of the short side. So, row 22 and all successive even number rows will begin with a decrease.

22. 21W

23. 21W

24. 21W

25. 21W

Smiley Face Cosmedic Bags

on Amazon

26. 21W

27. 21W

28. 15W, 3B, 3W

29. 2W, 2B, 2Y, 2B, 13W

30. 12W, 1B, 5Y, 2B, 1W

31. 1W, 1B, 7Y, 1B, 11W

32. 10W, 1B, 2Y, 2B, 4Y, 1B, 1W

33. 1W, 1B, 3Y, 2B, 1Y, 1B, 2Y, 1B, 9W

34. 8W, 1B, 2Y, 1B, 7Y, 1B, 1W

35. 2W, 8Y, 1B, 2Y, 1B, 7W

36. 7W, 2Y, 1B, 8Y, 1B, 2W

37. 2W, 1B, 9Y, 1B, 1Y, 1B, 6W

38. 5W, 1B, 1Y, 1B, 6Y, 2B, 2Y, 3W

39. 3W, 1B, 1Y, 3B, 8Y, 5W

40. 4W, 1B, 1Y, 1B, 6Y, 1B, 1W, 1B, 1Y, 1B, 3W

41. 4W, 1Y, 1B, 2W, 1B, 5Y, 1B, 2Y, 4W

42. 3W, 1B, 8Y, 1B, 2W, 1Y, 1B, 4W

43. 5W, 1Y, 1B, 1W, 1B, 6Y, 1B, 1Y, 1B, 3W

44. 3W, 9Y, 2B, 1Y, 1B, 5W

45. 6W, 1B, 5Y, 2B, 4Y, 1B, 2W

46. 2W, 1B, 3Y, 3B, 5Y, 7W

47. 7W, 1B, 4Y, 1B, 1W, 1B, 4Y, 2W

48. 1W, 1B, 3Y, 1B, 2W, 1B, 3Y, 1B, 8W

49. 9W, 1B, 3Y, 2W, 1B, 3Y, 1B, 1W

50. 1W, 1B, 3Y, 1B, 1W, 1B, 2Y, 1B, 10W

51. 11W, 1B, 2Y, 2B, 3Y, 1B, 1W

Block 51 was the top right-hand corner of the long side. So, row 53 and all successive odd number rows will begin with a decrease.

52. 1W, 2B, 5Y, 1B, 11W

53. 11W, 2B, 2Y, 2B, 2W

54. 3W, 3B, 12W

55. 17W

56. 16W

57. 15W

58. 14W

59. 13W

60. 12W

61. 11W

62. 10W

63. 9W

64. 8W

65. 7W

66. 6W

67. 5W

68. 4W

69. 3W

70. 2W

71. 1W

Smiley Face Pillow C2C Crochet Patterns Free Long

Adding the Buttonhole Band on the Top Edge

SC = Single Crochet (US)

Smiley Face Crochet Patterns Free C2C

Row 1: Join yarn with a slip stitch into the upper left corner of R1 and work (approximately) 45 SC evenly spaced stitches along the long edge. Turn your work.

This number worked for me. If you end up with less or more, you will just need to do a little math to make your buttonholes evenly spaced.

Row 2: Chain 1, SC in each stitch across; turn (45 stitches)

Row 3: Chain 1, SC in each stitch across; turn (45 stitches)

Row 4: Chain 1, 1 SC in first 9 stitches, Chain 3 (skip next 3 stitches), 1 SC in next 9 SC, Chain 3 (skip next 3 stitches) x 1 SC in next 9 SC, Chain 3 (skip next 3 stitches), 9 SC in last 9 stitches; turn. (45 stitches)

Row 5: Chain 1, 1 SC all the way across (45 stitches).

Cut yarn and fasten off.

Weave in all your ends.


***When joining the edges, it's important to have the cover inside out. I typically fit my pillow cover with the right side out first, so I can see where the back flap will end. Once the cover is finished, you want the top flap to be over the bottom section.***

Smiley Face Crochet Patterns Free C2C
1st fitting with right-side out.

Smiley Face Crochet Patterns Free C2C Pillow Cover
1st fitting with right side out. Notice where the top flap should lay.

Position the pillow insert within your completed C2C pillow cover, ensuring the wrong side is out. Fold the ends over to the rear, ensuring that the Smiley Face is perfectly centered on the front side of the pillow. Once you have it positioned perfectly, secure the sides with pins to hold it in place. Make sure that when you flip the cover right side out, the top flap will be over the bottom piece.

Smiley Face Crochet Patterns Free C2C Pillow Cover
This is how the back should look when wrong-side is out.

Now, use single crochet stitches down both sides of the pillow to close the sides. I used a smaller hook (4.25 mm) to do this. It makes it easier to work the stitches through both layers of fabric.

After you finish joining the sides of the pillow, flip the C2C pillow cover right side out. Then, insert your pillow form and determine where the buttons need to be sewn on. Mark the spots using your stitch markers. Remove the pillow and sew the buttons on.

Smiley Face Crochet Patterns Free C2C Pillow Cover

Finally, insert your pillow, button up the cover, and enjoy your completed project.

I love being able to share my patterns with all of you. This Smiley Face C2C Crochet Pattern is offered for free. If you find it useful and wish to contribute, donations are accepted. Your support is genuinely appreciated. Thank you!

Donation Link

Designing and making this Smiling Face free corner-to-corner (C2C) crochet pillow cover was a lot of fun. Now that I have it completed, I think it turned out super cute.

By following the written steps along with the graph, you can create your own Smiley Face pillow too. Whether you are wanting to add some cheer to your home decor or are looking to make a cheerful gift, this free smiley face C2C crochet pattern is the perfect choice.

What are you waiting for? Go grab your crochet supplies and get busy working on this free C2C pillow cover Smiley Face crochet pattern.


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