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What is a Needle Minder?

What is a needle minder and do you need one?

What is a Needle Minder

“Stitch your stress away.” -Unknown

Needle Minders are Fun and Useful

I am always searching for the most awesome cross stitch patterns. And I keep coming across needle minders. I would always scroll by, but my curiosity could not take it any longer. What is a needle minder? I have been cross stitching for many years, and I never heard of such a thing. But now that I know what they are, I think I need at least a few dozen. Why not?

What is a Needle Minder?

If you do embroidery or cross stitching projects, you know how easy it is to misplace your needle. You either set it aside and drop it in the couch or on the floor. And if you place your needle in the fabric, so you do not lose it, it can damage the fibers. With one of these handy little needle minders, you will never have to worry about losing your needle again.

A needle minder is also referred to as a needle nanny. It has an attractive top that is magnetic and will hold your needle securely. A needle minder has 2 magnets. One on the back of the top piece and a backing magnet.

To use the needle minder, place the back of the decorative top on the front of your fabric. Next secure the needle minder to the fabric by placing the backing magnet on the back. A good needle minder will have strong magnets that will keep the accessory in place. To store the needle, just place it on top of the decorative top. The magnets will create a magnetic field that will help hold the needle in place.

21 of the Geekiest Needle Minders

So, after I figured out what a needle minder was, I spent way too long looking at them. I still cannot pick which one or ones I want. But I have narrowed them down to these 21.

1. Queen of Hearts Needle Minder/Magnet, Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is the best Disney cartoon ever! I love this Queen of Hearts needle minder. I think I must get this one.

2.I Solemnly Swear A Lot Enamel Needle Minder

This needle minder is a fun take on Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map. If you are a fan of the books and movies, you will love this Harry Potter Needle Minder.

Harry Potter Needle Minder I solemnly swear map What is a needle minder and how to use a needle minder

3. Stitching Assistant Mushroom Needle Minder to Keep Track of Your Needle for Cross Stitch Embroidery Accessories

These Mario inspired mushrooms are super cute. And they come in a pack of four. So, if you are like me, you will have a needle minder for each project you have started.

Mario Mushrooms Needle Minder Stitching Assistant Mushroom Needle Minder to Keep Track of Your Needle for Cross Stitch Embroidery Accessories What is a needle minder and how to use a needle minder

4. Needle Minder Cartoon dog Planar resin cross stitch minders

This one is definitely at the top of my list. I love Snoopy! And being an avid birder, Woodstock makes this piece even better. If you are looking for a needle minder for a gift, this Peanuts Snoopy needle minder would be great for a Snoopy lover.

5. Baby Yoda Diamond Painting Cover minder / Cross stitch Needle minder / Magnet

Grogu is awesome! I really want this one too. If you are a fan of Star Wars and the Mandalorian, this Baby Yoda needle minder is a must-have accessory.

6. Needle Minder Cartoon blue Planar resin cross stitch minders Keepers Magnet

How can the Minions be so cute when we cannot even understand a word they say? OK, I will admit, I can understand banana. Keep you needle safe and sound with this super cute Bob the Minion needle minder for The Minions movies.

7. Bart Lisa and Maggie shaped needle minder. Simpsons

The Simpsons! Here is another nerdy needle minder that I must have. I actually have The Simpsons on as I am writing this post. It never gets old. This fun Simpsons needle minder embroidery accessory features Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

8. Kermit Could’ve Told You That Needle Minder

The Muppets are a classic. This needle minder uses the Kermit the Frog meme image. What could he be thinking about while you are working on your embroidery project? He is probably criticizing your every stitch.

9. Tanuki Mario Needle Minder

This raccoon Mario would make the perfect gift for a gaming enthusiast that also dabbles in cross stitching.

10. Needleminder Needle Minder chocolate planar resin Cross stitch minders Magnet

If you collect M&Ms or know someone that does, this is an ideal needle minder. These cute little M&M characters are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

11. My Wand Choose Me (Green/Silver) Hard Enamel Needle Minder

Here is another fun Harry Potter inspired needle minder. My Wand Chose Me. This magic wand is an embroidery needle.

Harry Potter Needle Minder My want chose me What is a needle minder and how to use a needle minder

12. Gnome with Red Slouchy Hat Magnetic Enamel Needle Minder

Gnomes are funny and creepy. I love these things. I want a huge one for my flower garden. I found one at Menards last year, but it was a little pricey. There is not anything creepy about this little guy. He just wants to help you keep your needle safe and secure.

Gnome with Red Slouchy Hat Magnetic Enamel Needle Minder What is a needle minder and how to use a needle minder

13. Needle Minder Rocket Raccoon keepers cross stitch Guardians

If you have read any of my other posts, you know I have an obsession with Guardians of the Galaxy. If I get this Rocket, I will have to find a Groot too. I think I should order a whole collection of Marvel Universe needle minders.

14. Needle Minder | Cat Needle Minder | Needle Keeper | Needle Holder | Notion for Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Needlepoint & Quilting | Alice

Here is another awesome Alice in Wonderland Disney needle minder. Decisions, decisions! Should I get the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat or maybe both? Hmmmm

15. Acrylic Needleminder - Needle Minder Magnetic, Needle Holder, Cross Stitch Tools, Cross Stitch Supplies, Embroidery

Bob’s Burgers is one of the best cartoons on TV today. I love Bob’s voice. H. Jon Benjamin voices the character. He is awesome. Did you watch People of Earth? I really enjoyed that show. I cannot believe it was canceled. They always cancel the good shows but keep the boring crap on for years and years.

16. Pizza Needle Minder - Food Enamel Needle Minder for Cross Stitch - Embroidery - Needlepoint Magnet - Gift for Cross Stitcher

Who does not love pizza? This whimsical pie slice would be perfect for the pizza connoisseur. Ok, now I am getting hungry.

Slice of Pizza Needle Minder Pizza Needle Minder - Food Enamel Needle Minder for Cross Stitch - Embroidery - Needlepoint Magnet - Gift for Cross Stitcher What is a needle minder and how to use a needle minder

17. Edgar Allan Poe Needle Minder

One of the best poets ever! My favorite poem is The Raven. I used to sit in study hall and memorize it line by line and verse by verse. I still remember quite a bit of it.

18. Needle Minder Keeper Nanny Telephone police box Galaxy Planar resin cross stitch minders who

Here is another amazing geeky needle minder. I need to add this Tardis needle minder to my Doctor Who collection.

19. Pinky / the brain / mouse / rule / world / cartoon / needleminder/ Needleminders/ needle minder / needle minders / cross stitch / magnetic

I have been a fan of Pinky and the Brain since day one. I love these little guys. And this needle minder is so cute..

20. Captain America Needle Minder

I have been checking out some Marvel Universe cross stitch patterns. I think this Captain America needle minder might be necessary for me to complete one of those.

21. Simpsons Needle Minder - Sideshow Bob

This is a must-have Simpsons needle minder. This thing cracks me up. Look at those bloody knives and Sideshow Bob’s creepy smile. Hahaha!

If you are an avid cross stitcher or learning how to cross stitch, are needle minders a necessity? Nope, but I think I need about a dozen of them. They really would come in handy. I have a bad habit of laying my needle down and having to look for it. Using a needle minder would help me save time for sure.

So, what is a needle minder? It is a magnetic accessory that will help keep you from losing your needle.