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Doctor Who Crochet Pattern / Amigurumi Adipose

Are you a fan of Doctor Who or are you searching for a unique handmade gift idea? Check out this Doctor Who crochet pattern. This Adipose is so cute!

Doctor Who Crochet Pattens Amigurumi Adipose
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“There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes.” - The Fourth Doctor

Who knew that fat tissue could be so cute? I know I didn’t. If you watched Doctor Who’sPartners in Crime” episode, you know I am right. And you must admit, you wished you could get a hold of that magic diet pill. Right?

Doctor Who Adipose Collectible Plush Figure

Well, I was looking for a Doctor Who gift idea for my brother for Christmas last year. I had seen this Adipose Doctor Who crochet pattern several times. And I finally talked myself into giving it a try. I am not the best crocheter, so I figured it would not turn out at all. But who knows, maybe it would too. So, I ordered the pattern and gave it a go.

I am so glad I did. He turned out perfectly! And I am now getting ready to make one for myself. Because you know, there is never just one adipose.

If you are a Whovian, you are going to fall in love with this adorable Doctor Who crochet pattern.

Doctor Who Amigurumi Pattern Details

As I previously mentioned, I am not a great crocheter, but I do try. I honestly did not think this would look like a Doctor Who adipose when I was done with it. So, I can say with great confidence, even if you are a beginner, you can complete this project.

To complete the Doctor Who crochet pattern you only need to know single crochet, single crochet 2 together, magic circle, and how to crochet in the round. You will also need to know how to join amigurumi pieces together. The pattern is written using US crochet terms.

This adorable Doctor Who adipose crochets fairly quickly. Completed mine measures approx. 6.5" tall.

Doctor Who Crochet Patterns Amigurumi Adipose

This Doctor Who amigurumi pattern starts off with a magic circle. If you have never created a magic circle before, they are fairly easy if you use a medium weight yarn. Making a magic circle using jumbo yarn puts me in a bad attitude. But do not worry, this pattern uses medium weight.

Doctor Who Crochet Patterns Amigurumi Adipose

Once you work your way down, you add the eyes and the mouth. At this point in the Doctor Who amigurumi pattern, I was certain, I messed it up. There was no way it was going to look like a cute little marshmallow-shaped adipose.

Doctor Who Crochet Patterns Amigurumi Adipose

I did not give up, I kept going. I started stuffing the body and shaping it once I was nearing the end. And the cutie started taking shape.

Doctor Who Crochet Patterns Amigurumi Adipose

Once the body was finished, stuffed, and closed, I made the arms and legs.

Doctor Who Crochet Patterns Amigurumi Adipose

After attaching the adipose’s arms and legs, I had to smile. And of course, squish it. It’s so squishy!

So, are you ready to give this cutie a try? What are you waiting for? You can find the Doctor Who crochet pattern HERE.

Learn How to Crochet with a Crochet Kit for Beginners

If you are new to crochet and amigurumi, and want to learn how, I recommend The Woobles kits. I learned with their Penguin Crochet Kit. I looked at it for so long. Each time I tried to talk myself out of it. I can’t do it. There’s no way I will learn how to crochet from a kit. Blah Blah Blah. If you are negative, like me, you understand.

Do not wait. I seriously was able to sit down and learn how to crochet using this amazing kit. It teaches you everything from holding the yard, how to hold a crochet hook, and reading crochet patterns. Included with the kit is a link to the most helpful how-to crochet videos I have ever seen.

Click on the picture below to learn more about these amazing kits.

More Doctor Who Crochet Patterns

Are you looking for even more Doctor Who crochet patterns? You can find them HERE. There are paid patterns as well as free Doctor Who crochet patterns. You can find everything from dolls to blankets, gloves, and more.

Doctor Who Crochet Patterns

Show off your Doctor Who fandom by working on this Adipose Doctor Who Crochet Pattern.


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